Ashworth 5-Unit Rowhouse

Project Status Report

July 23, 2021

Overall Status: Green

Project Name: Ashworth Townhome Project
Project Team: Frank Martin, Erin Cassidy, Jon Rasnic, Kevin Proefrock
Principals: Eugene Sak, Frank Martin

Project Update:

Made some great headway this week in preparation for pouring the slab and coordinating framing start. See progress bullets below.

Status Code Legend

On Track: Project is on schedule

At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact

Off Track: Date will be missed if action is not taken

    Activity – Week Ending 7/23

    Concrete waterproofing took place on the retaining wall as well as the east and west sides of the building. See photos – Sikaflex product with drain mat.

    EcoBlock wall monitoring took place – Geotech cleared us to stand down next week in anticipation of utilities and backfill. Geotech onsite to review retaining wall waterproofing and backfill.

    Dirt work sub completed backfill with native soil. CAD truck scheduled on Monday to bring in structural fill. See photos attached.

    Plumbing bid secured and contract signed.

    Lumber bids are being shopped through 2 other yards locally. Takeoff sent to Eugene for review.

    Conversation continues around lumber prices dropping, however the yards are not seeing the same drop on engineered lumber – TJI’s, Parallams, and Gluelams.

    Pre-ordered Gluelam beams for project as they are a long lead time item for Floor 1. Holding on releasing lumber order until we vet pricing

    Electrical switching and lighting plans delivered to the engineer for finalization of plans.

    Upcoming Activity Preview

    Week Ending 7/30

    Plumbing & Electrical sub aligned for a 7/28 mob date for stubbing in plumbing lines in conjunction with engineering docs.

    Footing perimeter drain, utilities, and backfill to commence.

    Cabinetry refinement and pricing to commence

    HVAC bid refinement – should have this back this week.

    Interior/Exterior door sourcing and bid pricing

    Slabs scheduled to be poured on 8/6

    Framing scheduled to commence on 8/9


    Framing contract executed

    Roofing contract executed

    Siding contract is in place

    Masonry contract executed

    Windows Ordered – 2-part delivery – September & October

    Plumbing contract executed

    Change Order Log (Full Summary on File):

    Slab insulation – 2” rigid foam + vapor barrier – $6,245

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