Ashworth 5-Unit Rowhouse

Project Status Report

November 12, 2021

Overall Status: Green

Project Name: Ashworth Townhome Project
Project Team: Frank Martin, Erin Cassidy, Jon Rasnic, Kevin Proefrock
Principals: Eugene Sak, Frank Martin

Project Update:

Rain, Rain and more… Rain. We’ve been hit with the wettest September and October on record and for the moment, it doesn’t appear to be letting up. Despite the weather, we are making great progress.

Status Code Legend

On Track: Project is on schedule

At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact

Off Track: Date will be missed if action is not taken

    Activity – 10/15 – 11/12

    Framing wrapped up in October. Since then, we’ve had the crew back out to take care of any quality control items. We are headed for a full framing inspection on 11/18 with City of Seattle. There will be some additional pickup framing as we march toward drywall, but the lion’s share is complete and will be signed off shortly.

    Crew has completed the majority of the waterproofing around the windows and is due to set the last Window on Monday (11/15)

    Roofing is wrapping up with the final roof going on today along with the scupper boxes. Crew still needs to come out and take care of the three decks, but we are in great shape to begin to dry these units out.

    Plumbing rough-in is well underway as they are moving into their third week onsite.

    Electrical wrapped up exterior fixture boxes & waterproofing (at entry & roof decks) as well as jumped ahead in nailing boxes at each unit. We are holding on wiring until we are able to lock down the buildings

    Building is 90% wrapped and prepared for siding

    Upcoming Activity Preview (2 Weeks)

    Plumbing rough-in to continue into next week and will most likely wrap the following

    Siding to fully commence on the roofs at the parapet walls

    Masonry (brick) contractor to mobilize within the next two weeks

    HVAC rough-in to commence next week

    Inspections – will continue as necessary. Final framing/structural to take place within the next two weeks

    Upcoming Activity Preview (Q 4 Activity)

    11/1 – Building Wrap, Waterproofing & Window Setting (Complete 11/15)

    10/28 – Roofing Start (In Process)

    11/1 – Plumbing Rough-In Start (In Process)

    10/25 – Electrical Rough-in Start (In Process_

    11/17 – Siding Start (Hardie, Cedar)

    11/15 – Mechanical Start

    11/22 – Masonry Start

    10/15 – Insulation Start (In Process – Exterior Cantilevers)

    12/6 – Drywall Start

    As needed: Inspections – Envelope, Air Seal, Wall Cover


    Siding contract is in place

    Masonry contract is in place

    Plumbing contract executed & work has commenced

    Electrical contract is in place

    Exterior doors scheduled for delivery on 11/15

    HVAC contract is in place

    Insulation contract is in place

    Drywall contract is in place

    Cabinetry & vanity contract is in place

    Carpet, Hardwood & countertop contract is in place

    Plumbing fixtures for all five units have been purchased and received

    Change Order & Overages Log (Full Summary on File):

    Buyout log is currently tracking a $78,000 overage due to supply chain constraints and increased sub-contractor costs

    Change order log is tracking $55,000 in overages

    Open Questions:

    Neighboring sewer line to be installed next week and tie into Ashworth & the SPU main – we missed our window here. Will mobilize when the weather mellows out and the building is sided