Arbor Heights 9-Unit Townhome

Project Status Report

December 3, 2021

Overall Status: Green

Project Name: Ashworth Townhome Project
Project Team: Frank Martin, Erin Cassidy, Jon Rasnic, Kevin Proefrock
Principals: Eugene Sak, Frank Martin

Project Update:

Pre-development activities continue in the office while some preliminary site work has been moving along. Looking to fully commence Civil & Dirtwork in early January.

Status Code Legend

On Track: Project is on schedule

At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact

Off Track: Date will be missed if action is not taken

    Activity – Week Ending 12/3

    Permit renewal submitted – 2 of 3 have been approved until June of 2023. 3rd should be approved this coming week.

    Geotech has continued to monitor site and submit reports to the City of Seattle for compliance

    Dirt Work Contractor has continued to bring in fill and compact. Work has been supervised by Geotech Consultants, Inc. in accordance with the special inspection requirements with the City of Seattle.

    Bank construction loan is in the final stages of closing

    CAD Files obtained from original architect. New architect identified and contracted

    Upcoming Activity Preview

    Construction loan closing prior to the end of the year

    Light site work to continue in preparation for full mobilization after the new year

    Continued project team alignment & preparation for buyout


    Dirtwork Contract executed

    Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering contract was executed last week to get ahead of the plan review process for the commercial unit (Full King County Plan Review required which could be a long lead time item)

    Architect contract executed as consultant for life of the project