Arbor Heights 9-Unit Townhome

Project Status Report

April 29, 2022

Overall Status: Green

Project Name: Ashworth Townhome Project
Project Team: Frank Martin, Erin Cassidy, Jon Rasnic, Kevin Proefrock
Principals: Eugene Sak, Frank Martin

Project Update:

Sitework continues in preparation for concrete. April was a big month in that we have our civil work wrapped along with the site detention facility in place. We have a bit of a delay due to sub backlog, but concrete will start in May.


Status Code Legend

On Track: Project is on schedule

At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact

Off Track: Date will be missed if action is not taken

    Activity – Month Ending 3/31

    Draw # 2 funded

    Detention facility installed and in place along with pumping station

    Building pads continued to be prepped for concrete

    Electrical get start permitting received for sub slab/underground conduits

    Plumbing get start permitting received for sub/slab/underground piping

    Upcoming Activity Preview (May 2022)

    Concrete forming to commence with pouring to follow toward the middle of the month

    Plumbing and Electrical mobilization to install sub slab work

    Lumber packages will look to land onsite toward the end of the month with a potential for framing to get rolling in May.


    Dirt Work Contract executed

    Electrical Engineering contract executed

    Architect contract executed as consultant for life of the project

    Concrete contract executed

    Plumbing contract executed

    Fire Sprinkler contract executed

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