Arbor Heights 9-Unit Townhome

Project Status Report

September 2, 2022

Overall Status: Green

Project Name: Arbor Heights Townhome
Project Team: Frank Martin, Erin Cassidy, Kevin Proefrock
Principals: Eugene Sak, Frank Martin

Project Update: Vertical construction has begun! We were able to get our slabs poured and our sewers in paving the way for framing. Make sure to tune into the cameras for live action! 😊


Status Code Legend

On Track: Project is on schedule

At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact

Off Track: Date will be missed if action is not taken

    Activity – Month Ending 9/2/22

    Sub slab ground preparation complete and signed off by Geotech

    Sub slab insulation, rebar and vapor barrier installed

    Sewer installation completed and inspected – passed – backfill complete

    Concrete slabs prepped, inspected and complete – concrete poured

    Telehandler onsite along with recycling container for debris

    First three lumber drops took place

    Framing has commenced – walls are up for buildings 1 & 2 for the first floor

    Exterior doors are ready and to be delivered onsite 9/29

    Windows are ready and to be delivered onsite the week of 9/23

    Upcoming Activity Preview (September 2022)

    Framing will continue through the month of September and into October

    Project buyout to continue with interior finishes

    Slab insulation and rebar installation (special inspections required)


    Dirt Work Contract executed

    Electrical Engineering contract executed

    Architect contract executed as consultant for life of the project

    Concrete contract executed

    Plumbing contract executed

    Fire Sprinkler contract executed

    Siding Contract executed

    Wood and Metal Siding Sourcing – complete

    Roofing executed

    Exterior Doors ready, but have delayed shipment to end of September

    Window package ready, but have delayed shipment to end of September

    Cabinetry bids are in and under review

    Countertops – bids requested

    Drywall – additional bids requested

    Change Order Log (Full Summary on File):

    CO# 1 – Permit renewal fees & plumbing and mechanical design fees

    CO # 2 – Concrete material increase, Framing labor increase, Sub Slab Insulation Increase (change of design)

    CO # 3 – Concrete waterproofing

    CO # 4 – Pending review – concrete, lumber and structural hardware price increases

    Open Questions: