Arbor Heights 9-Unit Townhome

Project Status Report

January 13, 2023

Overall Status:Β Green

Project Name: Arbor Heights Townhome
Project Team: Frank Martin, Erin Cassidy, Kevin Proefrock
Principals: Eugene Sak, Frank Martin

Project Update: Happy New Year! Nice to have the holidays and a crazy spell of weather behind us. It’s still wet, but we seem to be clear of ice storms and snow. 😊
Job progress continues with the windows at about 90%, the roofing at 66% and the building wrap/siding commencing. Plumbing rough-in will wrap the week of 1/23 and HVAC rough-in will follow. Electrical rough-in is underway as well. Our goal is to be signed off to cover walls on 3/1/23.

Status Code Legend

● On Track: Project is on schedule

● At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact

● Off Track: Date will be missed if action is not taken

    Activity – Month Ending 1/15/23

    ● Various pick-up framing continues throughout the project in preparation for the various trades

    ● Roofing – West and Central buildings are complete. East Building and all remaining decks, eyebrows will wrap the week of 2/2.

    ● Cedar and Metal siding arrived and are onsite

    ● Plumbing rough-in continues and is due to wrap the week of 1/23

    ● Electrical rough-in started on 1/9 and is well underway

    ● HVAC is due to commence toward the end of this month following plumbing wrap up

    ● Buyout continues based on interior elevations, finish selections, etc.

    Upcoming Activity Preview (January/February 2023)

    ● Framing will most likely be ongoing for various pickup activities

    ● Siding will continue onsite through early March

    ● Windows and Doors will continue and wrap in February

    ● Fire Sprinkler rough-in to kick off in early February for commercial unit

    ● Cover and MEP inspections – looking to have them at the end of February

    ● Insulation will kick off in February

    ● Project buyout will most likely continue as needed

    ● Street work to connect storm drain to commence in February


    ● Dirt Work Contract executed

    ● Electrical Engineering contract executed

    ● Architect contract executed as consultant for life of the project

    ● Concrete contract executed

    ● Plumbing contract executed

    ● Mechanical contract executed

    ● Fire Sprinkler contract executed

    ● Siding Contract executed

    ● Wood and Metal Siding Sourcing – complete

    ● Roofing contract executed

    ● Exterior Doors delivered to the site

    ● Cabinetry contract executed

    ● Countertops – bids received, reviewing now.

    ● Drywall – Sub selected, pricing is in negotiation

    Change Order Log (Full Summary on File):

    ● CO# 1 – Permit renewal fees & plumbing and mechanical design fees

    ● CO # 2 – Concrete material increase, Framing labor increase, Sub Slab Insulation Increase (change of design)

    ● CO # 3 – Concrete waterproofing

    ● CO # 4 – Pending review – concrete, lumber and structural hardware price increases

    Open Questions:

    ● None