Arbor Heights 9-Unit Townhome

Project Status Report

April 10, 2023

Overall Status: Green

Project Name: Arbor Heights Townhome
Project Team: Frank Martin, Erin Cassidy, Kevin Proefrock
Principals: Eugene Sak, Frank Martin

Project Update: We have continued to push progress out on site with getting the exteriors of the buildings wrapped up, while moving along the interiors and clearing the way for finishes. Over the next month, quite a bit should start to happen as far as prepping the buildings for finishes. I’m pleased with progress thus far, but we still have miles to go and are working to take as much slack out of the schedule as possible. Updates below and photos were taken last Friday. I will get them uploaded to our site this week.

Status Code Legend

On Track: Project is on schedule

At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact

Off Track: Date will be missed if action is not taken

    Activity – Period Ending 4/10/23


    Siding continues and is installation is running on all buildings around the site – Cedar, Hardie Panels & Metal

    Remaining windows (6) were delivered to the site last week and are due for installation as we start to side the 100th ST SW in the coming weeks.

    Steps to Roof Decks (Middle & East Building) are underway. We are changing up the approach here and running typical deck stairs (versus metal grates)


    Rough-in cover inspections – ongoing. We have had several across the various buildings and the West Building has been cleared for cover. In short – plumbing and gas is all clear for each building. Electrical – West completed. Middle is due to get sign off this week. East is a little further out. HVAC – refer took place last week across all buildings. The sub has to fix a few things, but this will not stop cover. Structural – due to take place this week which will provide the final nod for cover.

    West Building – Pre-Drywall is underway at all fire walls requiring additional layers for fire separation, Middle Building to commence this week (4/10). East Building will follow when electrical rough in wraps up.

    All Buildings – Backing & Blocking has been completed along with preparation for full drywall commencement

    Buyout has largely wrapped up. Chain has stored the majority of things in our storage unit along with supplier warehouses and container storage onsite


    Civil work is due to get underway this month and is the first piece to go on this.

    Site preparation for street restoration to follow Civil Work – Timeline TBD (above dependent)

    Concrete Sub along with Asphalt Restoration Sub have been engaged and are in the queue

    SPU Water Meter installation permits have not been issued yet, but are underway

    Permits required for SIP will be ongoing and dependent upon how long we remain in the right of way. Chain will renew as necessary.

    Upcoming Activity Preview (April/May 2023)

    Siding will look to wrap up this month.

    Rough-in cover inspections – Are due to completely wrap this month

    Insulation – West Building to commence this week (4/10) and wrap.

    Drywall to follow insulation and we have set the following dates:

    West Building – 4/18

    Middle Building – 5/12

    East Building – 5/26

    As each of these buildings wrap with Drywall, we will run with the following sequencing:

    Painting will be the first in – two coats on ceiling, one coat on the walls

    Flooring will follow – throughout the units both HDWD & Tile (baths)

    Cabinetry, Doors, and Millwork will follow Flooring

    Painters will come back in to caulk, fill & prepare for paint

    Stone templating will follow Cabinetry install

    Remaining Tile & Stone to be installed

    Trim out – MEP & Finishes

    Final Inspections

    Punch out / Delivery


    Dirt Work Contract executed

    Electrical Engineering contract executed

    Architect contract executed as consultant for life of the project

    Concrete contract executed

    Plumbing contract executed

    Mechanical contract executed

    Fire Sprinkler contract executed

    Siding Contract executed

    Wood and Metal Siding Sourcing – complete (product onsite)

    Roofing contract executed

    Exterior Doors delivered to the site

    Cabinetry contract executed

    Countertops – bid selected, working through contract

    Drywall – contract executed

    Change Order Log (Full Summary on File):

    CO# 1 – Permit renewal fees & plumbing and mechanical design fees

    CO # 2 – Concrete material increase, Framing labor increase, Sub Slab Insulation Increase (change of design)

    CO # 3 – Concrete waterproofing

    CO # 4 – Pending review – concrete, lumber and structural hardware price increases

    Open Questions:

    Refinance of existing loan – conversation continuing as options become available from our three lenders.